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Range Cooker Specialists Somerset
Range Cooker Servicing Somerset
"Over 60 years experience in the Industry as a family business"
With many years' experience in fuels, range cookers and boiler repairs you can rest assured you will receive a quality service.
Range Cooker Servicing Somerset
"Friendly and professional engineers on hand to help every step of the way"
As a family orientated business Tincknell's strive for full customer satisfaction
Range Cooker Specialists Somerset
Range Cooker Fuel Conversions
Tincknell's range cooker specialists of Somerset offer a fantastic re-conditioning
service, simply call for more details.
Master Thatcher Devon
At Tincknell's our experienced staff can repair your range cooker quickly and efficiently.
Providing a complete conversion service, A & R cookers specialise in fuel conversions on virtually any range cooker including Aga and Rayburns, providing that the particular model allows for a conversion to be carried out.

With the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to carry out high quality fuel conversions, we can convert any range cooker including Aga and Rayburn’s to electric, oil, gas and solid fuel. Converting you range cooker to an alternative fuel source can increase convenience, efficiency and lower energy levels.

A & R cookers can carry out conversions without needing to undertake any re-enamelling work and can even complete electric conversions without the need to move the range cooker.
Aga Servicing Somerset Specialist Electric Cooker Repair
Aga Servicing Somerset Enquire upon Makes and Models
Rayburn Servicing Somerset Experienced refurbishment service
Rayburn Servicing Somerset Conversions from solid fuel, electric, gas & oil.
Electric Conversion

Offering you greater flexibility, efficiency and lower running costs, electric conversions can be carried out in situ, meaning that the work can be carried out more quickly. To find out more about converting your range cooker to electricity.

Oil Conversion
We can completely convert your range cooker to run on oil, creating better efficiency and reducing running costs. We can carry out oil conversion on the majority of range cookers as long as the specific model caters to the allowance of a conversion.

Gas conversion
A & R Cookers can convert most range cookers to run on gas, carrying out the conversion process cleanly and simply. Converting your range cooker to gas can greatly reduce how much it costs to run and can increase the level of efficiency.

Solid fuel conversions
Converting a range cooker back to running on solid fuels can give you the opportunity to use renewable energy sources such as wood. A & R Cookers offer you their expertise, providing you with a quality solid fuel conversion service

Master Thatcher Devon
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